Mirai Agriculture

Support and training centers

The key to the success of an agriculture assignment is in creating the support and training structure around it. The project may be a single farm or a whole community: it could be anything from farming poultry to growing vegetables, from operating a hatchery to running a slaughterhouse – but agriculture skill lies in putting in place whole solutions to enable the core business to thrive.

With Mirai vast knowledge in different regions challenges and with the deep knowledge, methods and experience of the company Agricultural experts, Mirai proposed programs are the best option to cope with the agricultural development needed.

The participants will have theoretical and practical classes during the training. Throughout their training the trainees will receive “train the trainer” lessons to enable them to pass the knowledge to the other community members in their region.

The participants will enjoy a variety of Agricultural courses suited for the needs of their agricultural sector with additional lessons on the required knowledge and methods that serve as the foundation of the Israeli Kibbutz and Moshav - fundamental essential elements of cooperative society along with basic finance and basic business lessons. All the courses are fully adjusted and edited to fit the trainees area, climate and topology addressing the challenges the people are facing in their everyday life, on the working and social level.

During the training the participants are provided with all the learning materials they require from books to writing materials. The learned theory is later followed by hands on examples including group day trips to the farmers’ lands for real experience.