Mirai Agriculture


Mirai brings Aquaculture technology for large-scale, low-cost production of premium quality fresh fish. Mirai offers a Total Project Approach for the design, construction and operation of advanced fish farming projects. Mirai operates according to the highest international standards: environmental, health, security and quality standards. Mirai implements a complete Production Line from ‘egg’ to ‘fillet’, adjusted to the client’s specific site and country conditions. In short, Mirai provides the expertise for the full value chain - fingerling hatchery, high-quality feed center, post-harvest handling, and marketing of fresh and semi-processed fish products.

Services for Fish Farming are provided according to the client’s needs, either as a turnkey project or on a specific assignment basis. Our services are listed below:

  • Development of the project concept
  • Site identification
  • Site inspection visit
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Basic & detailed engineering of the fish farm
  • Basic & detailed engineering of the Processing Plant
  • Construction supervision / management
  • Equipment specifications and procurement sources
  • High-performance brood stock
  • Farm establishment
  • Operating manual for the farm
  • Operating manual for the Processing Plant
  • Long-term technical management
  • Start-up & running-in of the fish farm
  • Staff training
  • Technical supervision
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Marketing assistance