Mirai Agriculture


Agro-Industrial Center is being used to accelerate economic development. It is a useful instrument for attracting investment, fostering technological learning and innovation, and for creating jobs. With the potential to generate comparative and competitive advantages, Agro-Industrial Centers can attract innovative businesses, leading to both more jobs and a larger tax base.

Agro-Industrial Center underpins the development of agriculture and its industries. It creates central centers that support agricultural practice. Modeled on the Israeli “moshav”, the agricultural settlement that was once the bedrock of Israel’s modern thriving state, it is the concept of fusing agricultural production with the services and social provisions that make agriculture viable. Mirai has shown that once the correct and most suitable structure is in place, settlements become vibrant, self-sufficient and self-perpetuating businesses.

Mirai applies advanced processing technologies and marketing strategies to maximize the economic potential of geo political area. Mirai will make sure that once a large investment has been made into an agricultural project; there will be always customer and market for the production.

Industrial centers for agricultural farming are provided according to the specific needs, either as a turnkey project or on a specific assignment basis. Mirai services are listed below.

  • Development of the project concept
  • Site identification
  • Site inspection visit
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Basic & detailed engineering plan
  • Construction supervision / management
  • Equipment specifications and procurement sources
  • Establishment of the Processing Plants
  • Operating manual for the Processing Plants
  • Start-up & running-in of the Processing Plants
  • Long-term technical management
  • Staff training
  • Technical supervision
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Marketing assistance